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For a loan due, the entire nominal amount will be repaid in an amount at the end of the commitment period. In the case of maturity loans (also known as fixed-rate loans or repayment loans), the repayment amount must be paid in an amount at maturity. The maturing loan of Sparkil bank The suitable borrower of the term loan? that the borrowed amount is available on the due date. can be posted if the interest is higher than the interest rate of the term loan. would like to be reimbursed. Whether a term loan for you comes into question and how you should structure it, you will learn from our specialists.

Term loan

Term loan

The maturity loan is a special type of loan in which the loan amount is not paid periodically but at a fixed, fixed date. As a rule, maturity loans are linked to a home savings contract or a capital-forming insurance. The payout amount of the life insurance policy then pays the existing bond. During the year, only the loan interest and death benefit sums are outstanding.

Surpluses and surplus participation often lead to a distribution to the insured at the end of the period.

You can shop safely in any store with the Trusted Shops seal of approval – not least thanks to our money-back guarantee.

You can shop safely in any store with the Trusted Shops seal of approval – not least thanks to our money-back guarantee. Immediately after the purchase decision, you can protect the current purchase, and all other purchases in shops with the Trusted Shops quality seal, with up to 0, – free of charge and submit with a single click.

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Financing – maturity loan

Financing - maturity loan

With the term loan (also called fixed loan) the credit liability is due at the end of the term (“repaid”), ie either at the end of a fixed term or after a termination. The pay limited during the term focuses on the compounding. Depending on the contractual agreement, the interest may be fixed or variable until the end of the period.

The manufacturer of an investment would participate in the investment with an investment loan of EUR 250,000, interest 5% pa, due at the end of the year, repayment. After 6 years at an altitude.

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