Repayment remission | Waiver of student loan on repayment

Redemption notice to apply for a partial waiver due to good grades or a quick study. You must then submit an application to the Federal Office of Administration for this ordinance. You will also find here more and more detailed information about the possibilities of a loan waiver or the formalities. After expiry of the period, a partial remission is no longer possible. Reimbursement Federal financial aid – How can I reduce the amount of my loan?

Repayment of loans

Repayment of loans

With the funding scheme, 50% of the training support is regularly provided as a subsidy and 50% as an interest-free national lending business. This loan is due to be repaid approximately 4-5 years after the end of the regulatory period of the sponsored training, regardless of whether the sponsored study was suspended or terminated. Responsible for the credit processing is not the student work, but the BVA (“Federal Administration Office”) in 50728 Cologne.

For further questions regarding loan processing please contact the BVA: bda. Attention: address changes must be reported directly to the BVA!

competence center

competence center

After that you have to pay back the part that you got as a loan. If, due to your economic situation, you are temporarily unable to pay the installments, the competent authority may postpone the loan for twelve calendar months. You can be exempted from part of the credit claim in the following case: If you have successfully completed a further training measure: 25% of the loan can be released on request.

for entrepreneurs: On request, you can receive the following waivers on the remaining loan for the course and examination fee: 33%, if another trainee was recruited, whose training relationship has existed for more than 12 months, 33% for another employee whose permanent employment is subject to social insurance Application date for more than six months, 66% for another trainee and another employee or for two additional employees, provided that the relevant conditions of employment are met.

Note: In the case of business start-ups that have been completed by 30.06.2009, 66% of the remaining credit for the study and examination costs can be canceled on application. You have to create certain conditions for the temporary postponement of partial payments or for a partial waiver of the loan. Conditions for a temporary transfer of installments: EUR 070 for the borrower, EUR 485 for each individual child. With a limitation of twelve months, an extension or partial waiver of the loan is possible for social-legal reasons:

Note: Following a postponement and any extension of the time limit, the authority concerned may waive the full payment of the deferred installments. For the deferred period and the day on which the request for immunity is made, the conditions for granting immunity must be fulfilled. Requirements for a partial waiver due to successful training measures (only applies to key figures and action sections that started on or after 01.07.2009):

Requirements for partial waiver due to company formation: You have completed the final inspection of the funding measure. These have been self-employed since the completion of the measures for a period of at least one year with the predominant corporate responsibility: one additional trainee and one additional employee or two additional employees in accordance with the above-mentioned conditions of employment.

You can submit a written application to KfW for deferred payment of partial payments or a partial waiver of business start-ups. Note: You must have issued a direct debit authorization to KfW to pay the monthly installments. The partial amounts are collected at the end of each month. You have already defined in the loan agreement the bank account from which the lease installments will be charged.

You must repay the loan volume within 10 years at a legally fixed monthly interest of at least 128 EUR. If you want a postponement of the partial payments or a partial waiver of the credit claim, you must inform KfW as soon as possible:

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